Monday, July 7, 2008

Chit Chat

Hello Hello! I know my last post had no pictures .... and I'm afraid this one wont either... Everythings been so busy and I absolutly love it!

[: I have to say I'd much rather be to busy to clean and do dishes then not have anything to do in the summer. For the past couple of months we've been with no kitchen chairs But that all changed last weekend. I picked up two, used, bistro chairs. The seats were pretty badly worn and torn but the actual chairs had such a wonderful little charm to them, I just fell in love! Friday night we picked out some fabric, new foam and everything we needed to reupholster them. I was really surprised how quickly it took us to do the two chairs. There was really nothing to it. Strip the chairs of the old fabric, cut out the new fabric and foam and staple! The only trouble we had was when trying to replace the screws the wood used was so small we had to use about 10 washers so that they wouldn't poke out the other side. I would have used the old ones but they were pretty badly rusted.

Then last weekend we had some visitor's up. My puppy Tic Tac and freinds came up for a visit. It was so nice having her here. Its a nice change to have someone telling you to get up and go for a walk in the park. We did have to leave her in the apartment Sunday to go to the Toronto Zoo. I had sucha fantastic time at the Zoo. So much to see! I did manage to get a few sketches in but I still have to scan them... sometime this week I promise. But there nothing special, we were with a big group and I didn't want to hold everyone up. Monday I had to work but Canada Day I was up in Kitchener/Waterloo. It was a lovely day and we took the dogs to the park to have a BBQ and throw around the frizbee. After that we had to say goodbye to everyone and head back to the city. I really wish I could have kept Tac with me. Maybe next time, As annoying as it was getting up at 4 am I still loved having her here with me.

This weekend a couple freinds drove out to a little place called Dundas, just outside of Hamilton to go for a little hike. I really hope I get more oportunities to get out of the city on the weekends. As much as I love haveing everything close and in walking distance there's nothing better then getting out of the city on a hot, sunny day. We took the Bruce Trail and saw Tews Falls and Webster Falls. Webster falls was absolutly packed with people enjoying the water on a sunny day. We were lucky enough to find a quiet spot, away from the falls, to stick our feet in for a little break. When we saw Twes Falls we took a little side trail and were right beside the falls. We couldn't really see the bottom but we knew we were up rather high. When we saw it from the other side we realised just how high that really was. Tews is only a few meters shorter then Niagra. So try picturing yourself on a smaller Niagra holding onto sapplings and looking over the edge... scary huh? Luckily the actual water flow isnt that intense.

But I guess thats enough of that! I'll post pictures of the new chairs and scan in my Zoo sketches soon!


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