Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Barbaric Tablet

Hello Again!

So I've been sketching a little here, sketching a little there. On the weekend Chris and I popped in at The Paper Place on Queen and picked up a niffty little sketchbook. It has about three different papers in it so that should be alot of fun, switch things up a bit. I should really try to play around with colour. I mostly just throw on some colour When I'm using Alis sketchbook on my tablet PC but its usually pretty barbaric... :P Here's some examples!! Just a couple sketches I did the other night in front of the TV

I'm really sorry about some of the pics that don't seem to enlarge, I must be doing something wrong... hopefully these work for yah!



1 comment:

Brian Evinou said...

Blog sister! Nice sketches! Your cards are sick, Im prolly just gonna go to hallmark...