Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mother's Day Cards

OK so I'm a little early, but yesterday I didn't have much to do at work to do so I got to work on some cards! I've made three so far. One for my Mom and both Grandmothers. I'll probably be making one more for Chris' Mom as well.

So in this one I started off with cutting out the boarder, then I made the tulip tops by taking a 5x5 cm origami sheet and cut it in quarters so they would be smaller. Then I made the handy little basket and drew with marker some leafy greens. I just added the ribbon as a finishing touch I think it finishes off nicely.

This one I started much the same cut out the boarder but I adjusted the sides to be a bit thicker making the window more of a square. I looked up the red rose and vase (which is actually a green tea cup with a little spin) on the Origami club website listed in the previous post!

So by now I was getting sick of making tulips and flowers! So I made a butterfly! The doily (sp?) like trim is actually a design puncher I got for my birthday! Really cool, I love it! Makes me look like a Pro!

All the boarders are from a paper kit I bought at Micheal's. It has a bunch of different paterns, colours and papers which is great for little things like this.



wasana said...

please tell me how u made this Tulip and Butterfly?

Michelle said...


I got them off of this website -- http://en.origami-club.com//


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