Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sock Creatures

I've been toying (HA! get it!?) around with a few sock creatures recently. Hand stitching each creature -- They're relatively quick and simple, I've been roughly following the designs in the book but its quite easy to adjust and make them your own creation which I love. Socks are quite easy to work with, the fabric is stretchy and the designs of sock monsters are really forgiving.

Sock-to-pus here was created without a pattern -- Just simply went with what most have done from images. Sadly he's a cripple - he only has 6 legs instead of 8. Poor guy

This is Hero -- He started out a just any normal little guy then when I added the head to the body he had this heroic look -- That head tilt up and off to the side, you know the one. So I added a cape and sewed his arms to his side and now hes practically superman!


Hobo Divine said...

These are awesome!

Will Strong said...

Those are wicked cool! You must make more.