Sunday, December 5, 2010


Chris and I just picked up our Sphinx kitten yesterday. Its been sucha crazy interesting experiance. The hairless factor drew us to the cats but the personality is what really sold us.

He was an absolute angel in the car -- He was crated and only had a few small meow's for us but in general he was asleep the whole time. We brought him into the condo and set him up in the washroom so he and our other cat, Trowsers, could get acquainted. I sat in the washroom with him for a small time. He was shy at first but as soon as I would touch him he would instantly start purring. It was like clock work. Shortly after we let him loose in the condo which proved to be Insainly entertaining. He would run around zipping under thing and investigating everything. He ran into a lot of walls and objects as he easily slid on the concrete floor with no traction. I sat on the floor and he would visit for brief moments and then run off as quickly as he came. He'd sometimes lose track or forget we we're there and start meowing but soon found us again and come running back happy to roll around and be pet.

The best way I can describe how he feels is like a cup of tea or a hot water bottle -- Its the warmth that you notice the most. He has fine velvet hair all over his body which gives him a soft overall feel. The biggest difference is that there's a bit of resistance when you pet him where with a fuzzy cat your hand glides easily. At first he would move away from our touch but now that hes used to us he's happy to be held and scratched. Chris tends to pinch him as his skin is loose.

Throughout the day he was generally a nut. He calmed down around 5 and had a nap in the crook of Chris' arm. For a cat who's completely new I find this amazing, he fell in love so quickly and so did we. But to completely understand you really have to experience it yourself.

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Brian Evinou said...

I really love the picture of him jumping on Facebook! Thats a good looking cat!